Cassady & Associates

Cassady & Associates
Cassady & Associates, Inc. is a Professional Corporation founded by Mr. E. Patrick Cassady, R.P.L.S. in 1947. The company is a full service land surveying firm offering a wide variety of surveying services to both the public and government sectors including boundary, topographic, right-of-way, construction, subdivision platting and ALTA/ACSM land title surveys for both urban and rural properties in Bexar and surrounding counties.

Since the inception of Cassady & Associates, Inc., the company has progressed into a fully automated surveying firm utilizing modern technology in electronic data collecting, computer aided drafting and Global Positioning Systems. This, combined with its experienced personnel, has enabled the company to complete thousands of survey tasks for in an efficient and professional manner.

In addition to the use of modern equipment and computer software, our staff of professional surveyors have a complete understanding of the legal aspects and principles of land surveying, including the history and original distribution of land throughout the area.

Don't hire us because we've been in business for 68 years, hire us because we've been successful "that long". For more than a half century our experience and expertise have made us the premier surveying firm on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Cassady & Associates, Inc. is a Member of:
   National Society of Professional Surveyors
   Mississippi Association of Land Surveyors
   American Congress of Surveying & Mapping
   National Association of Homebuilders
   Louisiana Land Surveyors Association

Cassady & Associates