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Boundary Survey - A survey to establish or re-establish the boundaries or limits of a property or easement identified by a deed of record is commonly referred to as a Boundary Survey. This type of survey will not only identify the location of the boundary, but will disclose posession limits and discrepancies that may exist between the record description of the property and that of the adjoining properties.

GPS Control Survey - A GPS (Global Positioning System) control survey utilizes high precision survey grade Global Positioning Receivers to establish horizontal and vertical values for remote locations. Measurements can be determined without the necessity of a clear line of sight between points on the ground which enables the surveyor to work in extraordinary terrain and to cover large areas in an efficient and precise manner. GPS equipment is sometimes used to gather vertical and horizontal positions of existing features including, but not limited to, boundaries, improvements, topography and planned locations for construction.

Topographic Survey - Our topographic surveys establish the change in grade or elevation of land and constructed features such as roadways, drainage channels and structures and are frequently utilized for design purposes. Specific costs relative to the construction of a foundation of a proposed structure or other improvements can be determined more precisely if a topographic survey is completed prior to design.

This type of survey is critical to enable the design for adequate drainage of a site either before or after construction is completed. Elevations can be assumed relative to an arbitrary stable point (Bench Mark) or can be based upon a government identified sea level datum.

Tree Survey - A survey which locates desirable or otherwise significant trees on a property is frequently needed for design purposes or to adhere to a community landscape ordinance. This type of survey can locate specific trees of a certain species or minimum trunk size as desired by the client. If the tree survey is being made in order to comply with a community landscape ordinance, the trees which are applicable to the requirements of the ordinance will be identified, measured and tagged. The trees measured will be shown on a boundary survey drawing of subject property.

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